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SPAR Deployment


SPAR deployment comprises deploying the following services on Kubernetes cluster infrastructure.


  • The following utilities/tools must be present on the user's machine.
    • kubectl, istioctl, helm, jq, curl, wget, git, bash, envsubst.
  • This module requires kubernetes infrastructure to be setup. For details, click here​
  • ​PostgreSQL​
  • SPAR Self Service Portal needs an e-Signet instance to allow login through national ID. To install eSignet on the OpenG2P K8s cluster with mock ID system, use the eSignet guide.



After installation, SPAR Self Service portal will be accessible at https://spar.openg2p.sandbox.net, SPAR Service APIs will be accessible at https://spar.openg2p.sandbox.net/spar/v1, and SPAR ID Mapper APIs will be accessible at https://spar.openg2p.sandbox.net/mapper/v1, depending on the hostname given above.
Follow SPAR Post Installation Guide to finish setup.
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