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OpenG2P Program : assessment

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  • The OpenG2P Program: Assessment module extends the functionality of the OpenG2P platform by introducing features related to program assessments and entitlements. This module enhances the management of program memberships and assessments, allowing for a more comprehensive evaluation of participants within G2P programs.

    Key Features

    Program Memberships

    1. Membership Assessment Wizard: The module introduces a wizard for assessing program memberships. This wizard facilitates the evaluation of participants' progress and status within the program.

    2. Enhanced Views: Views for program memberships are extended to accommodate additional assessment-related information, providing a holistic view of participants' engagement and progress.

    Entitlement Management

    1. Entitlement Creation Wizard: A wizard is available for creating entitlements, streamlining the process of defining the benefits and privileges associated with program participation.

    2. Entitlement Amount Validation: The module includes JavaScript and back-end validation mechanisms to ensure accurate and valid amounts for entitlements, preventing discrepancies in benefit calculations.

    3. Entitlement Assessment Templates: Assessment templates are provided to structure and document the evaluation criteria used for determining entitlement amounts.

    Program Assessments

    1. Assessment Logging: The module logs assessments associated with program memberships and entitlements. Assessments capture key information, including assessment date, author, and remarks.

    2. Assessment Copying: The ability to copy assessments from previous entitlements, streamlining the assessment process and maintaining historical records.

    3. Assessment Templates: Assessment templates are utilised to standardise the assessment process and ensure consistency across program participants.

    Notifications and Logging

    1. Notification System: The module includes a notification system to inform users about assessment results, membership status changes, and other relevant updates.

    2. Logging Mechanisms: Extensive logging ensures that any changes, rejections, or failures in the assessment and entitlement processes are recorded for auditing and debugging purposes.

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  • g2p_program

  • mail

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  • Ensure that the required dependencies (g2p_programs and mail) are installed and configured.

  • Install the "OpenG2P Program: Assessment" module using the Odoo Apps interface.

  • Once installed, configure the module settings and access the new features via the Odoo interface.

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