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OpenG2P Program : Reimbursement

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The main functionality of this module is to redeem the voucher generate by any program.

1. Reimbursement Program Management

  • Program View: The module introduces a new program view (program_view.xml) that incorporates features specific to reimbursement programs.

  • Cycle View: A customized cycle view (cycle_view.xml) tailored for reimbursement cycles is provided, allowing detailed management of each cycle.

2. Entitlement Management

  • Entitlement View: The module enhances the entitlement view (entitlement_view.xml) to accommodate reimbursement-specific information.

  • Service Provider View: A dedicated view (serviceprovider_view.xml) enables efficient management of service providers associated with reimbursement programs.

3. Wizards

  • Assign to Program Wizard: The module includes an assignment wizard (assign_to_program_wizard.xml) to streamline the process of assigning beneficiaries to reimbursement programs.

  • Create Program Wizard: A creation wizard (create_program_wizard.xml) facilitates the easy setup of new reimbursement programs.

  • Create Entitlement Wizard: An entitlement creation wizard (create_entitlement_wizard.xml) simplifies the process of generating new entitlements within reimbursement cycles.

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Module Dependencies

  • g2p_programs

  • g2p_program_assessment

User interface

Submenu : Program --> reimbursement program


Create a reimbursement program and map it with any program.

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