Rancher Cluster

Installation of Rancher and Keycloak on Kubernetes cluster

Rancher is used to manage multiple clusters. Being a critical component of cluster administration it is highly recommended that Rancher itself runs on a Kubernetes cluster. This cluster is called Rancher Cluster or Observation Cluster as it is used to observe other clusters.

The guide here provides instructions to install both the Rancher server and Keycloak which is required for system administration of clusters.

To deploy Rancher carry out the following steps:

  1. Provision resources as given here.

  2. Make sure NFS server is already installed.

  3. Install Kubernetes (K8s) cluster

  4. Install Rancher

  5. Install Keycloak

  6. Integrate Keycloak with Rancher

K8s cluster installation

Follow steps 1-5 in the guide given here.

For high availability and resilience of this cluster, read the production guide.

Nginx/Loadbalancer Setup

  • If using AWS cloud; create two Loadbalancers as given in the Loadbalancer/AWS section, one for Rancher and one for Keycloak.

  • If using Nginx on-prem; install two Nginx servers as given in the Loadbalancer/Nginx/Install Server section, one for Rancher and one for Keycloak (It is recommended to install Rancher and Keycloak Nginx servers on two different IPs/Listen address.)

  • Make sure to limit wireguard access on the sys_admins channel only to Rancher and Keycloak LB/Nginx IPs. Use the Limit user access guide.

  • Make sure to limit wireguard access on the app_users channel only to Keycloak LB/Nginx IP. Use the Limit user access guide.

Rancher installation

  • Clone https://github.com/OpenG2P/openg2p-deployment, and from kubernetes/rancher directory run the following: (Edit Hostnames according to need)

    RANCHER_HOSTNAME=rancher.openg2p.org \
  • Login to Rancher using the above hostname and bootstrap the admin user according to the instructions. After successfully logging in to Rancher as admin, save the new admin user password in local cluster, in cattle-system namespace, under rancher-secret, with key adminPassword.

Keycloak Installation

Rancher-Keycloak integration

  • Login to Rancher as admin, copy the Keycloak admin user password, from keycloak-system namespace, in keycloak secret, under admin-password key.

  • Login to Keycloak Admin Console with the hostname used during installation, as admin user (and password from the above step).

  • Configure email for admin user, under Users Menu in Keycloak.

  • Under master realm -> Realm Settings -> Login Tab -> Email Settings , enable Email as username.

  • Proceed with the rest of the steps given in the Rancher Auth - Keycloak (SAML) guide:

    • Create a SAML client on Keycloak with the default config mentioned in the above guide.

    • In Keycloak client settings, disable Client Signature Required , under Keys tab.

    • Configure Auth Provider under Rancher with the default config mentioned in the above guide.

  • Ignore any error that says An error occurred logging in: An error occurred logging in. Please try again.. The integration is successful as long as it shows Login with Keycloak button on the login page.

  • Log out from Rancher and log in with Keycloak (as Keycloak admin). (Your Keycloak admin and Rancher admin are now the same user.)

  • Create a user for yourself on Keycloak with a password in Users menu (You can assign admin role to your user.)

  • In Rancher -> local cluster -> Cluster Menu -> Cluster and Project Members , add the following users with usernames as;

    • Email of admin user in Keycloak, permission as Owner.

    • Email of your newly created user in Keycloak, permission as Owner.

  • After adding make sure both users are marked as Keycloak Users. (If you are not able to create Keycloak users on Rancher, log out from Rancher and log in with Keycloak, as admin.)

  • In Rancher -> Users & Authentication Menu -> Auth Provider Menu -> Keycloak (SAML) -> under who can log in section, select Allow members of clusters and projects, plus authorized users & groups .

  • Log out from Rancher and Keycloak as admin. Do not user admin user anymore, only log in to Rancher and Keycloak using your newly created user.

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