OpenG2P PBMS is based on Odoo.

If you want to customize the Odoo addons in your OpenG2P PBMS, create a custom-packaged PBMS docker, using Packaging Instructions. [Optional]


  • The following utilities/tools must be present on the user's machine.

    • kubectl, istioctl, helm, jq, curl, wget, git, bash, envsubst.

  • PostgreSQL

  • MinIO


  • Clone the repo and navigate to kubernetes/openg2p directory.

  • Run: (This installs the reference package dockers) \
    • If use already have a custom-packaged docker image or tag use: \
      OPENG2P_ODOO_IMAGE_REPO=<docker image name> \
      OPENG2P_ODOO_IMAGE_TAG=<docker image tag> \


After installation is successful, PBMS will be accessible directly at, depending on the hostname given above.

Refer to Post Install Configuration

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