Enrolment is the process of creating a beneficiary list of individuals/groups by querying the registry and applying eligibility criteria. OpenG2P provides convenient filters and plugins to make the entire process frictionless, convenient and time-saving.

Program enrolment

Once the eligibility criterion is configured in the program, the Program administrators can enroll the registrants with a single click of a button. Registrants are enrolled in the program based on the eligibility criteria. Once enrolled in the program, the registrants will be designated as beneficiaries.

Registrant status

After enrollment, the status of all the eligible beneficiaries changes to enrolled. The status of ineligible beneficiaries changes to not eligible. Program administrators can view the status of both enrolled and non-eligible registrants.

If the registrants have enrolled into the program using the Self Service Portal, then they can track their enrolment status from the portal. Learn more about the Self Service Portal.

Eligibility criteria change

OpenG2P allows the Program administrators to change the eligibility criteria after enrolling the registrants. In such a case, the Program administrators can re-run the eligibility check on the enrolled beneficiaries and list the eligible and the not eligible beneficiaries based on the new eligibility criteria.


📔Enrol Registrants into the Program

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