G2P Registry: Individual

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G2P Registry: Individual

Technology base



  • Create and Manage Individual Records:

    • Users can create detailed records for individuals participating in G2P programs.

    • Efficiently manage and update individual information through customizable forms.

  • Access Control:

    • Implements fine-grained access control using the "security/ir.model.access.csv" file.

    • Defines specific access rules to safeguard individual records and related data.

  • Tailored User Interface:

    • Utilizes the "views/individuals_view.xml" file to provide custom views for displaying individual records.

    • Enhances the user interface for a more intuitive and streamlined experience.

  • Representation of Gender Information:

    • Introduces specialized views for managing gender-related information.

    • Improves the visualization and management of gender-specific data.

Design notes

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Relationships with other entities


  • Module dependencies

    • base

    • mail

    • contacts

    • g2p_registry_base

User interface

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  • Configure individual record settings based on program requirements.

  • Review and adjust security settings to align with organizational policies.

Source code



  • Ensure that the module dependencies ("base," "mail," "contacts," "g2p_registry_base") are installed.

  • Install the "G2P Registry: Individual" module from the Odoo Apps interface.

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