Service Provider Portal

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Service provider portal is an external application portal where service provider can add or update the registrant demographic information of the individual and registrants.



Info graphic representation of the registrant details. The dashboard will give records based on location

List view - Individual - Group

On Individual list view, it shows the brief information of all the individual. Fields on list view are Individual name, region, kebele, last updated, enumerator, status, and action button On group list view, it shows the brief information of all groups. Fields on list view are group name, region, kebele, members, last updated, status, enumerator and action button


Create button on portal, will open new page to add new registrant details.


Update action on list view, will allow the service provider to edit the record


The survey question on ODK form as per the program are present on portal as well in neatly distributed section like Group details, group member details, Location details, enumerator details and specific data for the program


Records on the portal has Active, Inactive, Locked.


It allow to view and mange the records only to the region and kebele where service provider is assigned and responsible. Once he login to the portal, this shows only the records which belong to his/her limits

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