📔Create Program Fund

This document provides instructions to allocate fund for a program.


  • A user must have the administrator role.

  • A user must have access to the program module.


Programs screen is displayed.

  1. Click the Accounting in the menu bar and then click Program Funds.

Program Funds screen is displayed.

  1. Click the Create button.

Program Funds / New screen is displayed.

The fields and their descriptions are given below.

Reference Number

Displays reference number as Draft by default


Select the appropriate program from the drop-down


Select the appropriate company from the drop-down

Disbursement Journal

Displays the program name

Date Entered

Displays the date on which fund is allocated


Enter the amount to be allocated to the selected program


Displays the currency type


Enter additional information, if any

Accounting Journal Entry

Date Posted

Click the drop-down arrow and select the date on which the fund is allocated for the program

Journal Entry

Select the appropriate entry from the drop-down.


You can also click the Search More ... options to find the journal entry.

  1. Click the Save button to save the data and exit from the screen.

  2. Click the Discard button to exit from the screen without saving the data.

  3. Click the Post button to post the allocated fund to a program.

  4. Click the Cancel button. A message pops up that indicates the allocated fund's cancellation with the time details.

  1. Click the Reset to Draft button to reset the allocated fund to a program.

The newly added program fund with the reference number is listed in the program fund screen.

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