Verifiable Credential Issuance


PBMS Beneficiary Registry (BR) can issue beneficiary credentials (e-cards) in the form of Verifiable Credentials (VC). These can be downloaded into the beneficiary's digital wallet upon authentication. These credentials can signify that this person is part of this benefit program. Some example use-cases are Safety Net Program Beneficiary e-Card, BPL Card, etc.

Feature and functionality


Online ID authentication for download

  • Using eSignet

OpenID for VCI API implementation

Support for issuance of multiple credential types

  • Configuration of VC content without code change.

Tamper proof

  • Digitally signed

Download into Inji Wallet

Share e-card to avail services

Bulk VC issuance is not supported

Source code


<All configuration concepts, and pointer to configuration guides>

Technical documentation

VCI uses Odoo modules:

  • <module names>

User guides

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