Eligibility is a list of criteria/requirement that an individual/group must possess to eligible for a given program. A program administrator can apply the criteria in the registry to create a list of beneficiaries, assuming that eligibility can be expressed unambiguously based on an individual's demographic data.

Eligibility Manager

In OpenG2P, Eligibility Manager is an independent Odoo module for configuring eligibility to a program. The module provides both simple filters and advanced filters, such as the Proxy Means Test, to define most eligibility requirements. Program administrators can also script their own custom plugins and add them to the Eligibility Manager.

OpenG2P supports three types of Eligibility Managers.

Eligibility ManagerDescription

Default Eligibility Manager is assigned to each program by default. The program manager runs the Default Eligibility Manager if the registrants are to be filter based on his/her eligibility criteria, as it is mandatory to configure at least one Default Eligibility Manager.

ID Document Eligibility Manager verifies the valid registrants based on his/her ID document. The program manager should configure the ID type that will be used to verify the eligibility of the registrants.

Phone number Eligibility Manager verifies the valid registrants based on his/her phone numbers. This Phone Number Eligibility Manager is often configured along with the ID Document Eligibility Manager.

Eligibility Manager configuration

In the OpenG2P program, the process involved to configure eligibility manager are:

  1. Program manager must configure Eligibility Manager(s) from the three types of Eligibility Manager supported by OpenG2P

  2. After Eligibility Manager is configured, program manager adds Eligibility Manager to a program


  • One Eligibility Manager can be associated with only one program

  • A program can have multiple Eligibility Managers

Eligibility criteria

Program manager configures eligibility criteria to enroll the eligible registrants in the program. The filters used in configuring eligibility criteria are:


Domain Filter

OpenG2P supports a variety of domain filters to set criteria for age, gender, household size, composition, and location. Program manager can use these filters to define eligibility criteria.

Proxy Means Test

The Proxy Means Test (PMT) is considered the most effective approach to reduce the error of exclusion. PMT is available as a separate plug-in in the OpenG2P platform. Using this plug-in, program manager can configure the regression analysis formula.

Computer fields

Computed fields are a powerful tool for abstracting information from a set of fields. Program manager can use these fields in PMT and domain filters to configure complex eligibility criteria.

For example, the image here shows eligibility criteria with two filters: first for checking that the registrant is part of exactly one program, and second for checking that the registrant is unemployed.

📔Create Eligibility Manager Types

📔Configure Proxy Means Test

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