G2P Service Provider Beneficiary Management


Module: g2p_service_provider_beneficiary_management


The "g2p_service_provider_beneficiary_management" module is designed to manage beneficiaries within a specific region, facilitating user interactions for both individuals and groups.


Beneficiary Creation and Update:

  • Users can create new beneficiary profiles for groups within their assigned region.

  • Update existing beneficiary information such as contact details, household data, demographics, and eligibility criteria.

Group Management:

  • Allow users to maintain lists of beneficiary groups within a region.

  • Add new groups and update group information, including members, contact information, and group demographics.

  • Household Data (demographic data) should be static form in the portal and inside the group view, there should one more button for adding individual(as members).

EDRMC Integration:

Once the EDRMC package is installed, all household data specific to EDRMC form will be accessible. The beneficiary management system will inherit the base of the service provider portal.

Details covered in the EDRMC form:

  1. Household Head Details

  2. Location Details

  3. Household Data Questions

Additionally, there will be a separate form for family members.

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