Mapper Performance Testing

Benchmark summary

We conducted a series of measurements under varying combinations of

  1. Number of concurrent API requests

  2. Payload size

The configuration that yielded maximum throughput at 100% utilization (either CPU or Memory) in one of the two PODs (Mapper and Postgresql DB) is detailed below. Each API is reported under a separate sheet.

Test setup

Testing was conducted on V4 deployment architecture with 2 nodes. The underlying machines specifications (TBD).

POD configurations

First round of measurements were done with a Single POD, with autoscaling suppressed. The mapper POD and the postgresql POD had the following configurations

PODCPU reserveCPU limitMem reserve Mem limit


0.250 cpu

2 cpu

1 GB

2 GB


0.250 cpu

1 cpu

1 GB

2.5 GB

Postgresql configuration


Test tools


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