G2P Registry: Group

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G2P Registry: Group

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  • Users can create new groups with customizable configurations

  • Configure group-specific settings such as access permissions and visibility

  • Manage Group Memberships

    • Effortlessly add or remove individuals from groups

    • Track historical membership changes for auditing purposes

  • Fine-grained Access Control

    • Utilizes the "security/ir.model.access.csv" file to define precise access control rules

    • Ensures that only authorized users can perform specific actions within the module

  • Categorize Groups

    • Define different kinds of groups to categorize them based on specific criteria

    • Enhances organization and usability by grouping similar entities together

  • Tailored User Interface

    • Introduces custom views through "views/groups_view.xml" for an intuitive and user-friendly experience

    • Optimizes the display of group-related information for better usability

  • Configure Membership Views

    • Utilizes "views/membership_kinds_view.xml" to configure views related to membership kinds within groups

    • Enhances the representation of membership-related data

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Relationships with other entities


Module dependencies -

  • base

  • mail

  • contacts

  • g2p_registry_base

User interface



  • After installation, configure group entitlement sequences

  • Review and adjust security settings based on organizational requirements

Source code



  • Ensure that the module dependencies ("base," "mail," "contacts," "g2p_registry_base") are installed

  • Install the "G2P Registry: Groups" module from the Odoo Apps interface

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