Wireguard Access to Users


This is an administrator's guide to provide access to Wireguard Bastion via users' devices (called peers). Access must be provided to each unique device (like a desktop, laptop, mobile phone etc). Multiple connections to Wireguard bastion with the same conf file are not possible.

The Wireguard conf file MUST NOT be shared with any other users for security reasons.


  1. Login to the Wireguard node via SSH.

    > ssh -i <SSH key pem file> <user>@<ip>
  2. Navigate to Wireguard conf folder

    > cd /etc/wireguard_general
  3. You will see several pre-created peer config files. You may assign any one of the file (not assigned before) to a new peer/user.

  4. Editassigned.txt file to assign a new the peer (client/user). Make sure a conf file is assigned to a unique user, already assigned file is never re-assigned to another user.

    > vim assigned.txt
  5. Add the peers with name as mentioned below. Example:

    > peer1 : <peer name>
  6. Share the conf file with the peer/user securely. Example: peer1/peer1.conf

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