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OpenG2P Program: Documents

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The "OpenG2P Program: Documents" module enhances the document management capabilities within the OpenG2P system. It introduces functionalities related to associating documents with program memberships and entitlements. This module is designed to provide a streamlined approach to document handling, enabling easy access and management of supporting documents.

Key Features

  1. Association with Program Memberships:

    • Documents can be associated with specific program memberships.

  2. Association with Entitlements:

    • Supports the association of documents with entitlements.

  3. Preview Functionality:

    • The module introduces a preview feature for documents.

Design notes

The module extends the g2p.program.entitlement.manager.default model for smooth document copying. No specific configuration is needed, utilizing options from the g2p_documents module. Dependencies on g2p_documents and g2p_programs enhance document management and integrate seamlessly with program-related functionalities.

Relationships with other entities

  • G2P Documents Module: Enhances document management by leveraging functionalities from g2p_documents.

  • G2P Programs Module: Integrates with program-related functionalities provided by g2p_programs, ensuring a cohesive system for program management and document association.


The module depends on the following Odoo modules:

  • g2p_documents

  • g2p_programs

User interface

  • Entitlement Form View: Supporting documents are displayed with the new section named "Supporting Documents."

  • Program Membership Form: Includes a dedicated "Documents" page.

  • Program View: Features a "Documents" menu.


No specific configuration is required for this module. Configuration options are available in the g2p_documents module.

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