OpenG2P Program Payments: In Files

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OpenG2P Program Payments: In Files

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  1. Payment File Configuration:

    • Configuration for payment files, possibly specifying file formats, fields, etc.

  2. Batch Tagging:

    • Allows tagging batches of payments for easy identification and processing.

  3. Payment Management:

    • A central view for managing payments, batches, and configurations.

  4. FastAPI Endpoint:

    • This module integrates with FastAPI to expose endpoints for programmatic interaction. One notable endpoint is the /jwks.json API, which dynamically generates a pair of JSON Web Keys (JWKs) – a public key and a private key – when vouchers are created.

Design notes

  1. Security Model:

    • The ir.model.access.csv file suggests access control considerations. Ensure proper permissions are set for the views and functionalities exposed.

  2. API Integration:

    • Leverage FastAPI for creating robust APIs. The data/fastapi_endpoint.xml file suggests the presence of API endpoints. Define API routes and handlers in accordance with your module's requirements.

  3. Payment File Handling:

    • Design how payment files are processed. Consider supporting multiple file formats, validation checks, and error handling.

Relationships with other entities

  • Internal Interactions: Collaborates with the g2p.program.payment.manager class for overall payment coordination and batch management.

  • External Integration: Connects to the external payment interoperability layer API for secure and efficient disbursement execution.


  1. Internal Dependencies:

    • Ensure that the listed dependencies (g2p_programs, g2p_program_documents, fastapi, mail) are properly installed and configured in your OpenG2P environment.

  2. External Dependencies:

    • Install the specified Python libraries (base45, cryptography, cose, python-jose, python-barcode, pdfkit, qrcode, wkhtmltopdf). Use a virtual environment to manage dependencies.

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