📔Assign a Program to a Group

This document provides instructions to assign a program to a group


  • The user must have Registrar and Administrator role.

  • The user must have access to the Beneficiary Registry module in OpenG2P systems.


Registry screen is displayed.

The group names are listed below the Name column.

  1. Click the group name which has to be assigned to a program.

For example, here the group name "Family Group" is selected.

Groups/Family Group screen is displayed.

  1. Click the Action button and select Add to Program.

Add to Program screen is displayed.

  1. Select the appropriate program from the drop-down.


  1. Select the Search More.

Search: Program screen is displayed.

  1. Search for the appropriate program or click the program below the Name column.

The program name is displayed in the Program drop-down.

  1. Click the Assign button to assign the program to a group.

  2. Click the Cancel button to exit from the screen.

For example, you can find the newly assigned program listed in the Program tab in the Family Group screen.

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