Program Management

OpenG2P platform's program management is a sequence of processes encompassing program creation to deciding entitlement for the beneficiaries. Digitalization of these processes offers multiple benefits such as ease of administration, agility of operations, data empowerment and so on.

In OpenG2P, the program manager plays a pivotal role to define and manage program.

In OpenG2P, a program manager configures the PMT to validate the income and poverty status of individual/groups using data on basic household materials, to enrol his/her to a program.

Role of a Program Manager

  • Create and manage programs/multiple programs for individuals/groups

  • Configure managers

  • Configure Proxy Means Test (PMT)

  • Map portal form

  • Manage program life cycle

  • Define program disbursement cycles

Feature and functionality


Create and manage program involves the following activities.

  • Define and manage multiple programs

  • Target both individual and groups

  • Manage program lifecycle

  • Define program disbursement cycles

Managers are the entity name used in program module to perform the relevant activities in a program. A program manager configures the relevant managers required for a program.

Proxy Means Test (PMT) is a method widely used by governments and international organizations to estimate income or consumption levels of households, particularly those in low and middle-income countries stands for Proxy Means test

Portal is a Self Service Portal where the registrants provide their details in a form to register for a program

Each program have a sequence of process which are referred as program lifecycle.

Program disbursement cycle is the process of disbursing the entitlement within a cycle/duration defined in a relevant program. A disbursement cycle can be weekly, monthly, yearly, quarterly, fortnightly and so on depends on a program.

Source code

Technical concepts

Installation and deployment

📔Create Program

📔Create Eligibility Manager

📔Configure Program Manager

📔Create Notification Manager

📔Create Entitlement Voucher Template

📔Map Self-Service Portal Form

📔Create Deduplication Manager

📔Create Manager Types

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