OpenG2P Module Doc Template

The title should have the exact module name, e.g. g2p_notifications_voucher

Module name


Module title

G2P Notifications: Voucher

Technology base



  • Is it an extension of an existing module?

  • What does this model do/support as functionality?

  • What are the limitations and features/functions not supported?

  • Is it overriding any existing functionality?

Design notes

  • What are salient design features?

  • Why were certain design decisions taken in a particular way?

  • Design patterns used.

  • Algorithms used.

  • Anything a developer should know about the design of this module.

  • Any scope for improvement and further design work that is pending.

Relationships with other entities


  • Any external libraries used. List them.

  • g2p_entitlement_voucher

  • g2p_notifications_base

User interface

  • Any new screens created/modified (with screenshots)

  • Any new menu items created.

  • Any new actions created.


  • Any system configurations and parameters that apply to this module.

  • Any configurations required for using this module. (List)

Error codes

  • What are the error codes/exceptions thrown by this module.

Source code



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