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Overview: The G2P Formio module provides the functionality to create and manage dynamic forms within the OpenG2P ecosystem. It allows users to design forms tailored to specific requirements.

Extension of Existing Module: g2p_formio is an extension of the Form.io module, enhancing its capabilities within the OpenG2P platform.

Supported Functionality:

  • Design and configuration of dynamic data collection forms.

  • Support for various form field types (e.g., text, checkboxes, radio buttons).

  • Version control for forms.

  • Integration with other OpenG2P modules for data processing


  • Real-time collaboration on form design is not supported.

  • Complex logic and calculations within forms may require custom development.

Design notes

Salient Design Features

  • User-friendly form design interface.

  • Extensible architecture to support future form field types.

  • Versioning system to track changes in form design.

Design Decisions

  • The module uses a web-based form builder interface for ease of use.

  • Data storage follows OpenG2P database conventions.

  • Versioning is implemented using a revision history table.

Design Patterns and Algorithms

  • Frontend utilizes a component-based design pattern.

  • Backend employs CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete) operations for form management.

Developer Notes

Developers should be aware of the following:

  • The module relies on established OpenG2P data models for integration.

  • Extending form functionality may require understanding the underlying architecture.

Scope for Improvement

Future improvements may include:

  • Real-time collaboration features for form design.

  • Advanced form field validation and logic.


This module relies on the following external libraries and modules:

  • formio

  • g2p_programs

  • formio_storage_filestore

User interface

The G2P Form Builder module introduces the following screens:

Form Builder: A web-based interface for creating and editing forms.

Menu Items: This module adds the following menu items-

  1. Forms : Access to the list of created forms.

  2. Configurations

Actions: The module provides actions for-

  • Creating new forms.

  • Editing existing forms.

  • Managing form versions.


No specific system-wide configurations are required for this module.

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