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MTS Connector

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  • Generates MOSIP token while fetching from the ODK

  • Uses callback delivery type of MTS

  • Completely asynchronous execution

  • OpenG2P can schedule a daily job to fetch the delta for the day

  • A manual import feature will also be provided

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This module relies on the following external libraries and modules:

  • base

  • queue_job

  • Python : pyjq

User interface



In OpenG2P, the user can configure for following fields to setup an interface with MTS.

Name: A string to identify the connector

URL to reach MTS: URL for MTS API

MTS Input type: MTS-C connects over "ODK" which is the first option in this selection. OMC option could be proceeded by selecting "OpenG2P Registry".

Mapping: MTS Field mapping as required by the API. Please refer MTS Documentation**.** Format of Mapping would be JSON.

Output Type: MTS-C only supports JSON output type of MTS.

Output Format: Output format is a JQ string which will be used by MTS to format its output to suite the caller's requirement.

Delivery Type: Currently supporting only "Callback". Callback feature can be used to make MTS do a submission of results onto an API within Odoo. The output formatting will help in making the desired input for the api.

Job Type: MTS-C provide both recurring and one time execution. Recurring can be configured to do continuous pull from the ODK over MTS.

Interval in minutes: Interval at which the MTS-C job runs.

MOSIP Language: Mosip language setup. Default is "eng".

ODK Base URL: Base URL or the complete domain address for the ODK central installation

ODK Odata url : OData service (.svc) URL for the ODK form to fetch the submissions.

ODK User email: Email Id to authenticate MTS for accessing Odata URL

ODK User password: Password used to authenticate Odata URL

Callback URL: A URL end point which would be called upon successful processing at MTS

Callback HTTP Method: HTTP Method (POST/PUT/GET/PATCH) used while MTS makes the callback

Callback Timeout: Timeout awaited by the callback until acknowledged with a response.

Callback Auth Type: Type of authentication expected by callback url. MTS-C currently support Odoo type which uses the session-based authentication implemented by Odoo.

Callback Auth Database: DB instance used by Odoo.

Callback auth username: Username to access callback api

Callback auth password: Password to access callback api

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