G2P Notifications: Wiserv SMS Service Provider

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G2P Notifications: Wiserv SMS Service Provider

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Odoo and Soap API


The g2p_notifications_wiserv module does not override or modify any existing core functionality within Odoo 15. Instead, it extends the capabilities of Odoo by seamlessly integrating with the Wiserv SMS API. This integration allows users to efficiently send SMS notifications for OTPs, enrollment, and voucher generation.

Key Functionality:

  1. OTP : The module seamlessly delivers One-Time Passwords (OTP) to users via the Wiserv SMS API.

  2. Enrollment Notifications: This feature enables the sending of enrollment notifications to users through SMS.

  3. Voucher Generation: The module empowers users to generate vouchers through the Wiserv SMS API.

Design notes

  • It extends the g2p_notifications_base module for the major uses.

Relationships with other entities


  • zeep: A Python external library (install using pip install zeep).

  • g2p_notifications_base: A module that may be required for core functionality.

User interface

Submenu: Program --> Configuration --> Wiservsms Notification Managers

WiservSMS Notification Managers: Configuration views for setting up API URL and user credentials.


To utilize the WiservSMS Notification Managers module, configure the following settings within WiservSMS Notification Managers (Configuration Views):


  • API URL: Enter the WiservSMS API endpoint URL. This should be provided by WiservSMS, and it serves as the gateway for sending SMS notifications.

User Credentials

  • User Name: Provide the username or account identifier associated with your WiservSMS account.

  • Password: Input the password for your WiservSMS account.

These settings are essential for establishing a secure and reliable connection with the WiservSMS API.

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