Role of a Program Manager

In OpenG2P, program management comprises a sequence of process to make programs and their benefits to reach the eligible individuals/groups. The program manager must perform sequential process to manage program efficiently.

Create and manage the program

In OpenG2P, each program have a sequence of processes which are referred as Program Life Cycle. A program lifecycle determines the lifespan of a program. The phase of a program involves program creation, program activation, program closure, and program re-activation. A program manager is one who creates and manages multiple programs.

Configure managers

A program manager configures the relevant managers required for a program.

A program is composed of various managers, each of which configures the parameters for a specific program such as eligibility determination, deduplication, notification, cycle management, entitlement management and payment management.

In OpenG2P, in each programs' configuration tab, you can find the various managers, such as, Eligibility Managers, Deduplication Managers, Notification Managers, Program Manager, Cycle Manager, Entitlement Manager, and Payment Manager.


Eligibility Managers

Verifies the eligibility of the registrants of a program

Deduplication Managers

Deduplicates the enrolled beneficiaries of a program

Notification Managers

Notifies the beneficiaries at the end of each phase of a program

Program Manager

Determines the number of cycles or maps the previous cycle by default to a program. He/She also creates, manages sub program managers to a program

Cycle Manager

Determines and maps the number of cycles to a program. He/She also creates and manages Cycle Managers

Entitlement Manager

Creates, manages, configures the different types of disbursement managers such as Default, In-Kind, Voucher based on the entitlements specific to a program

Payment Manager

Process the payment of the beneficiaries

Configure PMT

In OpenG2P, a program manager configures the PMT to validate the income and poverty status of individual/groups using data on basic household materials, to enrol him/her to a program.

Map portal form

In OpenG2P, the program manager maps a self-service portal form to a program which is essential for streamlining the application process for beneficiaries. This functionality allows beneficiaries to access and complete the forms when applying for a specific program. The mapped forms become integral parts of the program, ensuring that all required information is collected efficiently and accurately, facilitating better management and processing of applications. This integration enhances the user experience for applicants and improves the administrative efficiency of program management.

Multiple programs

OpenG2P platform has a backend office application for administrators or the program managers to manage multiple programs. The platform allows multiple programs to run in parallel. These programs enroll the registrants from the same registry database. Its program management module offers a rich set of functions for enrolment, eligibility criteria, program cycles, entitlements, payments and notifications.

Program disbursement cycle

Program disbursement cycle is the process of disbursing the entitlement within a cycle/duration defined in a relevant program. A disbursement cycle can be weekly, monthly, yearly, quarterly, fortnightly and so on depends on a program.

OpenG2P platform allows the program manager, the cycle manager to create multiple cycles and the disbursement manager to process the entitlements to reach the beneficiaries. Social benefit delivery programs for unemployment benefits, pensions, and scholarships are cyclic in nature and disburse payments in multiple cycles.

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