Install WireGuard Client on Desktop


The guide here provides steps to install WireGuard app on machine and to activate the tunnel. This app allows users to create an encrypted VPN for secure communication.


The prerequisites to install WireGuard on Machine:

  1. Download WireGaurd Client here.

  2. Before proceeding with the installation, obtain the WireGuard conf file from a System Administrator.


The steps to set up a WireGuard client on an windows machine are:

  1. After the successful installation, launch the WireGuard Application.

  2. Click Add Tunnel and select the wg.conf file shared with you.

  3. Click Activate to activate the WireGuard.

The steps to set up a WireGuard client on an Ubuntu machine are:

  1. After successfully installing WireGuard, navigate to the directory /etc/wireguard using the terminal.

  2. Next, create a file named <name>.conf, add the WireGuard configuration file to it, and save the file.

  3. Activate WireGuard using the commands below.

    sudo systemctl enable wg-quick@<name> 
    sudo systemctl start wg-quick@<name>
    sudo systemctl status wg-quick@<name>

Ensure that the listening port is unique for each WireGuard configuration file when using multiple instances.

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