Fluentd & OpenSearch

Deployment of Logging infrastructure

Fluentd and OpenSearch are installed as part of the Logging infrastructure. This infrastructure cuts across all modules installed on Kubernetes and hence part of the base infrastructure. Logs from all dockers are parsed and channelised into OpenSearch for searching and viewing.

Fluentd installation

Fluentd is used to parse logs generated by applications.

Only one Fluentd installation is required per Kubernetes cluster.

  • On Rancher UI, navigate to Apps (or Apps & Marketplace) -> Charts

  • Search and install Logging with default values from the list. Choose Project as System when prompted.

OpenSearch installation

OpenSearch can now be installed directly as part of OpenG2P modules. For example, refer to Social Registry deployment or PBMS deployment.

Setup automatic clean-up of older logs

You can create an ISM Policy in OpenSearch to delete logs older than a fixed time. For example, ISM policy is given below.

    "policy": {
        "description": "Delete logstash indices after 3days",
        "default_state": "hot",
        "states": [
                "name": "hot",
                "actions": [],
                "transitions": [{
                    "state_name": "delete",
                    "conditions": {
                        "min_index_age": "3d"
                "name": "delete",
                "actions": [{"delete": {}}],
                "transitions": []
        "ism_template": {
            "index_patterns": ["logstash-*"],
            "priority": 100

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