Private Access Channel

A Private Access Channel (PAC) is a tuple of Wireguard, Load Balancer, and Ingress gateway server. A channel provides access to resources of the infrastructure and this can be controlled. The users assigned to the Wireguard server determine the group of users with access to these channels. All users with access to a Wireguard server have access to all channels to which the Wireguard server is connected. The deployment architecture depicts a high-level view of the PACs. A zoomed-in view is presented below.

Multiple Wireguard servers (bastions) can run on a single Virtual Machine (VM). Similarly, multiple Nginx servers (vhosts) can run on a single Nginx instance. Each network interface on Nginx has a unique IP. Each Nginx vhost forwards traffic to an Istio Ingress gateway server which further routes traffic to Kubernetes resources. Multiple Istio gateways can run on a single Istio Ingress gateway server. You

In the above configuration, User Group 1 has access to both Ingress gateway servers while User Group 2 can only access resources associated with Ingress gateway server 2.

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