SPAR Self Service

Providing Self Service features for the beneficiaries

The SPAR Self Service has two components - viz.

  1. SPAR Self Service - Microservice - Serving REST APIs

  2. SPAR Self Service - UI

The SPAR Self Service Microservice offers the following features

  • Integration with an OIDC-OAuth2.0 Login Provider

  • A Directory of all the financial institutions and their branches - to facilitate a beneficiary to define his/her full financial address

  • Strategy definitions (Construct & De-Construct) to construct Financial Address using the various attributes -

    • Bank Name, Bank Code, Branch Code, Branch Name and Account Number in case of Bank Accounts

    • Wallet Provider Code, Wallet Provider Name, Email Address and Phone Number in case of Wallets

The SPAR Self Service UI - is a reference UI (based on ReactJS). The government department can use this UI and create an implementation based on its UI strategy.

  • The SPAR Self Service UI provides a search functionality for Banks & their Branches, Wallet Providers - to enable a beneficiary

  • The UI also allows a beneficiary to log in and change his/her destination account (or wallet) any number of times

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