📔Verify and Populate the form in ODK Collect using 4Sure Application


This document provides step-by-step instructions to launch 4Sure app in ODK Collect. The 4Sure app verifies the beneficiaries digital credentials and populate the data in the relevant program form in ODK Collect.


  • A user must have installed 4Sure and ODK Collect Apps in his/her mobile device

  • A user must have installed Inji in another mobile device. The Inji wallet must have the user's national ID and the beneficiary ID

  • A user must have enabled Bluetooth in both the mobile devices

  • A user must have configured/downloaded the relevant program form in ODK Collect


  1. Tap the ODK Collect App.

The configured/downloaded relevant program form is displayed.

For example, here the configured program form is Productive Safety Net Program.

  1. Tap the Start New Form button.

The program form history screen is displayed.

  1. Tap the program form.

The Consent details screen is displayed.

  1. Tap the appropriate option and click the Next button.

Get details from 4Sure screen is displayed.

  1. Tap the Launch button.

The e-Cards screen in 4Sure App is displayed.

  1. Add the National ID and Beneficiary ID cards.

You can follow the steps given in the Verify Digital Credentials using 4Sure Application user guide to add national ID and Beneficiary ID.

Once UIN matches on both the e-Cards, 4Sure App completes the verification process.

  1. Tap the SUBMIT button.

You can find the data which are available in the national ID and beneficiary ID are populated in the program form in the ODK Collect App.

  1. Click the Next button

  2. Fill the remaining fields in the program form.

At the end of the program form he/she taps the Send button to finish the registration process or taps the Save as draft button to save the form.

When the field agent moves to the area with internet connectivity, the submitted entries will be sent to ODK Central and will be listed under View Sent Form or the form will be saved in the field agents device in the Send Finalized Form Section.

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