OpenG2P Program Payment Simple Mpesa Payment Manager

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OpenG2P Program Payment: Simple Mpesa Payment Manager

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  • This Module specifically designed to integrate with Simple Mpesa payment services.

  • It enables users to create and manage payment batches for disbursements via Mpesa.

  • Authentication: Acquires an access token from Simple Mpesa using provided credentials.

  • Payment Processing: Iterates through payments within batches:

    • Constructs payment data for Simple Mpesa API calls.

    • Uses the access token for authentication.

    • Sends payment requests to the payment endpoint.

    • Handles responses, updating payment statuses accordingly.

    • Logs errors and sends notifications in case of failures.


  • base

  • g2p_registry_base

  • g2p_programs

Design notes

User interface

menu -> configuration -> Simple Mpesa Payment Managers

program -> configuration -> payment manager -> Simple Mpesa Payment Manager


  • auth_endpoint_url: The URL for Simple Mpesa 's authentication endpoint.

  • payment_endpoint_url: The URL for Simple Mpesa 's payment execution endpoint.

  • api_timeout: The timeout duration (in seconds) for API calls.

  • username: The Simple Mpesa account username.

  • password: The Simple Mpesa account password.

  • payee_id_type: Specifies the type of ID used for payee identification (bank account, phone, email, or registrant ID).

  • customer_type: The customer type to be used in payment requests (defaults to "subscriber").

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