📔Configure Registrant Tags

This document provides instructions to configure registrant tags in the Social Registry module.


  • The user must have Registrar and Administrator role.

  • The user must have access to the Social Registry module.


  1. Use the link socialregistry.explore.openg2p.org to access Social Registry.

Social Registry screen is displayed.

  1. Click the Configuration in the menu bar and then select Registrant Tags.

Registrant Tags screen is displayed.

  1. Click the New button. It enables an empty field.

  1. Enter the relevant Registrant Tags in the Tags field.

For example, here, enter the registrant tag as 'employed'.

  1. Click the Save button to save the registrant tag.

  2. Click the Discard button to exit from the screen.

The newly created registrant tag is added to the registrant tag list.

  1. Repeat the steps 4, 5, and 6 to add the relevant registrant tags.

This completes the configuration of registrant tag in Social Registry module.

Delete Registrant Tags

  1. Select the registrant tag you want to delete. It enables the Actions button. It also shows the number of selected tags you want to delete.

  1. Click the Actions button. It displays the list of actions you can perform.

  1. Click the Delete option in the list.

Bye-bye, record! dialog box is displayed.

  1. Click the Delete button to remove the selected tag from the Registrant Tags list.

  2. Click the No, keep it button to retain the selected tag.

This completes the deletion of selected tag from the Registrant Tags list.

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