MTS Connector

ODK MTS Connector is an OpenG2P Odoo addon that fetches tokenised data from the ODK Central by calling the MOSIP Token Seeder (MTS) and stores it in the registry.


  • Uses callback delivery type of MTS

  • Completely asynchronous execution

  • OpenG2P can schedule a daily job to fetch the delta for the day

  • Manual import feature (TBD)




A string to identify the connector

URL to reach MTS


MTS Input type

MTS-C connects over "ODK" which is the first option in this selection. OMC option could be proceeded by selecting OpenG2P Registry.


MTS Field mapping as required by the API. Refer to MTS Documentation. The format of Mapping would be JSON.

Output Type

MTS-C only supports JSON output type of MTS.

Output Format

Output format is a JQstring which will be used by MTS to format its output to suite the caller's requirement.

Delivery Type

Currently supporting only "Callback". Callback feature can be used to make MTS do a submission of results onto an API within Odoo. The output formatting will help in making the desired input for the API.

Job Type

MTS-C provides both recurring and one time execution. Recurring can be configured to do continuous pull from the ODK over MTS.

Interval in minutes

Interval at which the MTS-C job runs.

MOSIP Language

MOSIP language setup. The default is "eng".


Base URL or the complete domain address for the ODK central installation


OData service (.svc) URL for the ODK form to fetch the submissions.

ODK User email

Email Id to authenticate MTS for accessing Odata URL

ODK User password

Password used to authenticate Odata URL

Callback URL

A URL endpoint which would be called upon successful processing at MTS

Callback HTTP Method

HTTP Method (POST/PUT/GET/PATCH) used while MTS makes the callback

Callback Timeout

Timeout awaited by the callback until acknowledged with a response.

Callback Auth Type

Type of authentication expected by callback URL. MTS-C currently support Odoo type which uses the session-based authentication implemented by Odoo.

Callback Auth Url

URL Endpoint that would be called to perform authentication for the callback.

Callback Auth Database

DB instance used by Odoo.

Callback Auth Username

Username to access callback API

Callback Auth Password

Password to access callback API

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