1.1.0 - WIP

SPAR Release Notes for 1.1.0 - WIP

Release version: 1.1.0

Release date: 1st July 2024


SPAR Release 1.1.0 consists of the following items

  1. Performance testing and benchmarking for the mapper service

  2. JWT security layer for partner systems that invoke the mapper APIs - using MOSIP Key Manager

Features of this release


  1. Performance benchmarking and measurement - As part of this release, we conducted a detailed performance benchmarking and measurement exercise for the openg2p-spar-mapper-api microservice. The detailed approach, the list of experiments, and the results have been documented in the Performance Benchmarking Report.

  2. API security enhancement - The APIs provided by the mapper service are designed to be used by one or more of the participants' partner systems in the openg2p benefit transfer chain. In this release, we have added a JWT security layer to these APIs to enhance security. The detailed approach for implementing this feature can be found in the Security Layer Documentation.

Release contents

Release itemLinks

SPAR source code

Packaged dockers



  • Test coverage reports


  • API reference


To deploy this release on Kubernetes refer to the deployment guide.

Limitations and known issues

  1. Release 1.0.0 has been tested with limited scale. Load testing and performance benchmarks are planned for Release 1.1.0

  2. REST API security for Mapper APIs (openg2p-spar-mapper-api) - While the self-service-apis are secured using Auth tokens (from OIDC-OAuth2.0 Login Providers), the mapper-apis will need a JWS Token based authorization for partner systems. This has been described here.

  3. You can find the full list of Jira issues/backlogs here.

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