Documentation Guidelines

This guide provides basic guidelines for you to write neat documentation.

General conventions

  • Page title: Capitalize the first letter of every word. Like this page title

  • Start a topic with Introduction/Concept/Context

  • Use Gitbook's "Heading 1, Heading 2" etc for headings

  • Headings must use lowercase except for the first letter. E.g. "Code of conduct"

  • Provide reference links to the text as applicable

  • Provide a link at the first mention of a new/different topic. For example, if the guide is talking about installing the SmartScanner app, and the WireGuard app is mentioned, then provide the link for WireGuard.

  • Avoid using ":" in a heading. E.g. "Design choices:"

  • Use clear and crisp images - the images should not appear blurred when seen on full screen.

  • If you are adding image files, make sure all file names are lowercase with hyphens. E.g architecture-diagram.png.

  • The filename for images should follow the naming convention of every word in lower case, and words separated by hyphens i.e. view-all-programs.png.

  • For work-in-progress features/functions, you may mention the same under the title as shown below:

  • Check spelling and grammatical corrections using tools such as Grammarly.

User guides

In addition to the above while writing user guides follow these conventions:

  • Use second-person pronouns i.e. you, your, etc. in the instructions/steps.

  • Use the bold and italicized font for UI elements i.e. dashboard names, button labels, information fields, etc.

  • Use the exact name and case for the UI elements as shown in the user interface.

  • Use quotes for a phrase/word if the phrase/word has to be represented as is.

Specification for diagram

Follow the below specification while creating diagrams in Miro



Font Size




Default board zoom - 100%. At this zoom level the diagram must fit in a normal screen.

Export image

  • Size: Medium

  • Format: JPG

Embed a Miro image

To learn how to embed a miro image in the GitBook, click here

Set an image within the frame in Miro

To learn how to set an image within the frame in miro, click here

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