Adding Nodes to Cluster

Guide to add nodes to an existing Kubernetes cluster

Below are the steps to add more nodes to the Kubernetes cluster.

  • From kubernetes/rke2 directory, use the rke2-server.conf.subsequent.template or rke2-agent.conf.template based on whether the new node is control plane node or worker node. Copy this file to /etc/rancher/rke2/config.yaml in the new node.

  • Configure the config.yaml with relevant values.

  • Run the following to set the RKE2 version. Make sure this version is the same across all the nodes. (Refer to RKE2 Releases. Use rke2 --version on an existing node to get the version.)

    export INSTALL_RKE2_VERSION="v1.28.9+rke2r1"
  • Run the below command to download RKE2.

    curl -sfL | sh -
  • Run the below commands to start RKE2 node.

    systemctl enable rke2-server
    systemctl start rke2-server

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