OpenG2P Entitlement Voucher

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OpenG2P Entitlement Voucher

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  • The "OpenG2P Entitlement: Voucher" module is part of the OpenG2P project and extends the functionality related to entitlements within the G2P (Government-to-Person) category. This module focuses specifically on managing entitlements related to vouchers.

  • Integration with "g2p_programs" and "g2p_payment_files" modules.

  • Enhanced management of entitlements with a focus on voucher-related processes.

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Module Dependencies

  • g2p_programs

  • g2p_payment_files

User interface

Submenu: Program --> configuration -->Entitlement Manager


Entitlement Manager Configuration

To utilize voucher functionality, configure the entitlement manager under the program configuration:

  1. Navigate to the "Configuration" section of the desired G2P program.

  2. Select an appropriate voucher option within the entitlement manager settings.

Voucher Generation

Once the entitlement is prepared and approved, the following options become available:

  • Generate Voucher Button:

    • Configuration-Dependent: The availability of this button depends on the auto-generation setting in the entitlement manager configuration.

    • Auto-Generation: If configured to auto-generate vouchers, the voucher is automatically generated upon approval.

    • Manual Generation: If configured for manual generation, click this button to initiate voucher creation.

  • Print Voucher Button:

    • Appears after the voucher is generated.

    • Click to print the voucher document.

Source code


  1. Ensure that the dependencies are installed (g2p_document) and configured in your Odoo instance.

  2. Install the "OpenG2P Entitlement: Voucher" module through the Odoo Apps interface.

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