In-kind Transfer

OpenG2P supports the in-kind distribution of food and nonfood items, such as shelter materials, hygiene kits, and cooking items. The platform utilizes its ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) backend to facilitate the entire distribution process, covering everything from planning to execution. It has the ability to handle end-to-end distribution process . It can also integrate with other ERP systems if needed, allowing for seamless data exchange and cooperation between systems.


  1. End-to-End Distribution Process: OpenG2P can handle the entire distribution process, including beneficiary registration, inventory management, and distribution planning.

  2. ERP Integration: The platform can integrate with other ERP systems, enabling seamless data exchange and cooperation between systems. This integration allows for a more efficient distribution process and ensures accurate tracking of inventory and beneficiaries.

  3. Planning and Execution: OpenG2P provides tools for planning distribution activities, such as determining the quantity and type of items to be distributed to each beneficiary. The platform also supports the execution of distribution activities, including the recording of items distributed and the tracking of beneficiaries.

  4. Inventory Management: OpenG2P includes features for managing inventory, such as tracking stock levels, monitoring expiration dates, and managing replenishment orders. This ensures that distribution centers have an adequate supply of items for distribution.

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