A disbursement represents a single disbursement transaction under a disbursement_envelope. A disbursement_envelope will contain many hundreds/thousands of disbursements. Each such disbursement will be denoted by a unique disbursement_id

Object design



Business Logic

Results in persistence of 1 record each in the tables - disbursement and disbursement_batch_status.

Bulk Insert should be used to persist the disbursements

Transaction Control - should be ALL or NONE, i.e. either everything should be inserted or none should be inserted.

Validations & Exceptions

  1. Ideally, disbursements should arrive before disbursement_schedule_date. However, system will not check this condition. System will anyway process an envelope, only when all the disbursements have arrived.

  2. disbursement_amount - valid non zero number

  3. the total number of disbursements should not exceed the number specified in the envelope

  4. the total_disbursement_amount should not exceed the number specified in the envelope

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