📔Configure ID Deduplication

This document provides instructions to configure ID deduplication method to deduplicate the data in Social Registry.


  • The user must have valid credentials to login to Social Registry.

  • The user must have Registrar and Administrator role.

  • The user must have installed the ID Deduplication Module on his/her machine.


  1. Login to Social Registry. Social Registry application is displayed.

Social Registry screen is displayed.

<Add SR ss>

  1. Click the Configuration in the menu bar and then select Deduplication Criteria.

<Add deduplication criteria ss>

  1. Select G2P Registry Settings from left menu bar.

  2. Under G2P Registry Deduplication Settings, select the criteria that you want use of deduplication.

  3. Go back to Social Registry and click on the duplicate button of either group or individual section from the tree view.

  4. All the duplicates registrant will be listed inside the duplicate section.

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