OpenG2P Entitlement In-kind

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OpenG2P Entitlement In-kind

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  • This module is overriding the existing module spp_entitlement_in_kind.

  • OpenSPP supports the in-kind distribution of food and nonfood items, such as shelter materials, hygiene kits, and cooking items.

  • The platform utilizes its ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) backend to facilitate the entire distribution process, covering everything from planning to execution.

  • It has the ability to handle the entire distribution process, from start to finish (from A to Z).

  • It can also integrate with other ERP systems if needed, allowing for seamless data exchange and cooperation between systems.

Design notes

  • Stock management: OpenSPP is planning to include stock management features, which will likely enhance its ability to manage inventory effectively.

  • Supply chain: Upcoming features may include improvements to supply chain management, which is crucial for ensuring a smooth flow of goods and materials.

  • Warehouse and distribution point management: Upcoming enhancements may provide tools to better manage warehouses and distribution points, improving logistics and efficiency.

  • Point of Sales (POS) integration: OpenSPP may include integration with POS systems, which can be useful for sales and transaction processing.

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Module Dependencies

  • spp_programs

  • spp_entitlement_in_kind

User interface

Submenu: Program --> In-kind -->Entitlements


To set up In-kind Entitlement Managers, navigate to the "Programs" submenu and then access "Configuration". Within the "In-Kind Entitlement Manager", you can configure the following fields:

Fields available inside the entitlement manager:

  1. Name: This field is used to specify the name of the manager.

  2. Program: Choose a specific program from the available options.

  3. Items: Select the product(s) that should be allocated to beneficiaries within the chosen program.

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