Social Registry

Social Registry (SR) is an independent module offered by OpenG2P to enable the creation of registries of individuals and groups of people with demographic data with advanced features that make the SR interoperable and easily fit into the digital public infrastructure (DPI) infrastructure of a country.

The registry can host demographic data of both individuals and groups (family/household) and this data is privacy protected. SR offers the unique feature of issuing digitally signed credentials - Verifiable Credentials - to the beneficiaries.

Functional architecture


  • CSV

  • Login based direct data entry

  • Operators uploading data

  • ODK (Android, agent, offline)

Data share

  • CSV

  • APIs (G2P Connect, GraphQL, REST)

  • Registry of individuals

  • Registry of household and families

  • Entities with group of people, like school, community

  • Encryption of PII


  • Fast data search based on parameters of registrants.


  • SMS

  • Email

  • RBAC

  • Roles

  • Users

  • Dashboards

  • Real-time data monitoring


  • Change logs

  • Audit logs

  • System logs

Verifiable Credentials Issuance

  • Mobile wallet

  • Paper (QR code)

Domain specific registries

Lock and Unlock records

  • Lock record for edit

  • Suggest for edit/update

  • Request for edit/update

  • Unlock for edit/update

Social registry ID

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