Self Service Portal

The Self-Service Portal registration process assumes that an authentication service is available for ID verification. The portal allows an individual to perform the following functions:

Program management

  • View the list of available programs

  • Apply for a new program

  • Upload supporting documents if required for a program

  • View the registrant's enrolled programs

  • Track the status of the application

  • Track the entitlement status of the program

Profile management

  • Update personal information and demographic details

  • View all the demographic information submitted across programs

Depending on the program implementation, the registrant can seek assistance to apply for the same program multiple times. For example, a registrant seeks medical assistance for different treatments. It is assumed that Program administrators will apply mechanisms to prevent cases of double-dipping.

Registration process

A program administrator must do these steps to allow registrants to apply for a program:

  • Create a program: To learn the steps, click here.

  • Create a Self-Service Portal form: To learn the steps, click here.

  • Map Self-Service Portal form: To learn the steps, click here.

Registrant's ID verification takes place during the login. The registrant also provides consent to share demographic details with the Self-Service Portal. Upon successful ID verification, the Self-Service Portal can automatically populates the registrant's demographic details based on the consent provided during login. The registrant fills in the rest of the details and applies for a program. Learn more about self-registration here.

Features and its functionality(WIP)


My Programs

  1. The list shows only the programs which registrant has registered and also enrolled.

  2. It also shows the enrollment status of the registrant with the program.

  3. Total funds awaited is about the amount the user is eligible to receive for the programs when entitlements are approved for the program cycle.

  4. Total funds received the payment made and the amount received by the beneficiary/registrant.

All Programs

  1. To shows the active and available programs, where registrant can apply/reapply for the relevant program.

My Application

  1. To show the list of programs which user has applied for.

  2. The generated application ID is shown against each application with the date applied

My Benefits

  1. The list shows only the programs which user has applied and status is enrolled.

  2. It will show the entitlement reference number with date for the approved entitlement

  3. It also shows the approved entitlement and fund received on each approved entitlement

OpenID Connect integration

The Self-Service Portal allows integration with any OpenID Connect (OIDC) client. The portal has an existing integration with eSignet. To learn more about OpenID Connect integration, click here.

OIDC integration

The Self-Service Portal can integrate with any OIDC server to provide user login.

Jira Board(WIP) Link the US on the SSP

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