📔Enrol Registrants into Program

This guide will help enrol registrants into a program, who are registered through offline registration and online self-registration process.


  • The user must have a Program Manager role. See Create User and Assign Role guide.

  • There should be registrants with respect to the program


  1. Navigate to Programs using the menu bar.

  1. Click on the program name on which enrolment needs to be done.

  1. After landing on Program detailed view page, check the beneficiaries section for the registrants who are in draft status.

  1. Navigate back to the program list view page and click on Enrol Eligible Registrants to enrol the registrants who are in draft status.

  2. Enrolment of registrants will be based on the Eligibility criteria set as per the program.

  3. The registrants who pass the eligibility criteria will be enrolled on the program with Enrolled status and those who fail the eligibility criteria will be given Not Eligible status.

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