📔Delete a Form


This document provides instructions to delete a form from a project using ODK Central.



  1. Login to the ODK Central

  2. Click the relevant project link.

For example, here, the project is considered as Safety Net Program.

  1. Click the project (Safety Net Program) link listed below the Projects.

The project (Safety Net Program) overview page is displayed.

  1. Click the Safety Net Program form available below the Forms.

For example, here the form selected is Safety Net Program Forms.

The Safety Net Program form screen is displayed.

  1. Click the Settings tab.

You can find the Delete this Form in the Draft section.

  1. Click the Delete this form button.

Delete Form dialog box pops up.

  1. Click the Yes, Proceed button to delete the form.

  2. Click the No, Cancel button to retain the form.

This completes the deletion of a form.

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