Reporting Framework

The Reporting Framework is an infrastructure to make database data available in searchable indexes for efficient slicing and dicing of data and real-time monitoring with visualization and reports. The framework utilizes open-source components to achieve this data pipeline and visualization capabilities.

Postgres WAL contains events on the database, specifically, changes to any table fields. These events are read by Debezium and pushed to Kafka Topics. Using a connector the fields are further pushed into OpenSearch indexes. These indexes may be searched by APIs or consumed by OpenSearch Dashboards for visualization.

The salient features of the framework are the following:


Searchable indexes in OpenSearch

  • No load on main DB esp when dataset is large and SQL queries get complex

  • Real-time slicing and dicing of data with searchable indexes

OpenSearch Dashboards

  • Ease of creation of dashboards and reports

Authentication and authorisation using Keycloak

  • Authorized access to dashboards

  • Single sign-on with Keycloak

PII data not available for search*

  • Privacy protection

* As a highly recommended practice PII data is not shunted to the search indexes, however, the framework does not impose any restriction as such.


Reporting framework is installed as part of modules' installation.

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