📔Create a New Individual in Service Provider Portal

This document provides instructions to create a new individual in service provider portal.


A user must have access to the Service Provider portal.


  1. Open the URL www.<projectbaseurl>.org/serviceprovider/login in your Browser.

Login screen is displayed.

  1. Enter the valid Email ID or Phone number.

  2. Enter the valid Password.

  3. Click the Reset Password to reset the password.

  4. Click the Login button.

Service Provider Portal Individual Dashboard screen is displayed.

Field Description

Search field

Enter the data to search and retrieve the information.

Language preference

Select the preferred language from the drop-down.

Select the appropriate option from the drop-down.

  • My Profile - To view your profile

  • Logout - To logout from the service provider portal

The Individual list contains the below information. It displays the number of records available in the individual list. You can use the search field option to retrieve the specific individual list.



Displays the individual name.


Displays the region name.


Displays the kebele name.

Last Updated

Displays the last updated date.


Displays the name of the person who has collected the individual data.


Click the Update button to edit the individual's data.

Create a new individual

  1. Click the Create New button to create a new individual's data.

Create New Individual screen is displayed.

The fields and their descriptions of each tab are given below.

  1. Click the Applicant Consent tab.

  1. Choose the appropriate applicant consent in the drop-down. The valid values are:

    - Yes

- No

  1. Click the Submit button to save the data and exit from the screen.

  2. Click the Cancel button to exit from the screen.

The newly created individual data is displayed in the individual list.

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