Minio Deployment

MinIO is used by some components of OpenG2P store documents.


  • The following utilities/tools must be present on the user's machine.

    • kubectl, istioctl, helm, jq, curl, wget, git, bash, envsubst.

  • Keycloak for Authentication and Sign-in to UI



After installation is successful, MinIO console will be accessible at, depending on the hostname given above.

Once OpenG2P PBMS is installed, do the following:

  • Navigate to OpenG2P Documents (From OpenG2P Menu) -> Document Store.

  • Configure URL and password for this backend service (Like http://minio.minio:9000). Password and account-id/username can be obtained from the secrets in minio namespace.

Access control

MinIO's RBAC may be used to grant access to users.


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