Enumerator is a person responsible for collecting demographic data from individuals and groups to populate data in the registry. They are typically field workers who visit households, communities, or places to gather the necessary information. Once the data is collected and managed, it can be accessed and analyzed by organizations. They play a critical role in data collection and management. They are also knows as Field Agents.

Activity of an Enumerator

The activities performed by the Enumerator are given below:


Field work

Requires to conduct field visits, door-to-door or specific locations visits, and collect data from respondents directly.

Offline data collection

Uses the ODK Collect application to collect data offline. This data is then managed on ODK Central, enables the organizations to access and analyze it easily, even if it was collected offline.

Data management

Involves in basic data management tasks, such as organizing collected data, checking for completeness and consistency, and entering data into databases or forms.

Region-based data collection

Assigns specific regions or areas for data collection, ensuring comprehensive coverage and efficient data gathering within designated geographical boundaries.

Adding data

Collects information present on the ODK forms. These information ranges from demographic data of individuals, groups of household to social and economic conditions.

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