G2P Registry:Membership

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G2P Registry: Membership

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  • Efficient Membership Management:

    • Allows users to associate individuals with specific groups effortlessly.

    • Provides a streamlined interface for managing and updating group memberships.

  • Fine-grained Access Control:

    • Implements access control mechanisms defined in the "security/ir.model.access.csv" file.

    • Ensures that only authorized users can manage group memberships.

  • Configurable Membership Rules:

    • Defines rules for group membership through the "security/registrant_rule.xml" file.

    • Enables the customization of membership criteria based on specific requirements.

  • User-friendly Interface:

    • Utilizes custom views such as "views/groups_view.xml" and "views/individuals_view.xml" for an enhanced user experience.

    • Introduces "views/group_membership_view.xml" for dedicated management of group memberships.

  • Asynchronous Processing:

    • Integrates with the "queue_job" module for efficient and asynchronous processing of tasks.

    • Enhances the module's performance by leveraging background job execution.

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Relationships with other entities


Module dependencies -

  • base

  • mail

  • contacts

  • g2p_registry_group

  • g2p_registry_individual

  • queue_job

User interface



  • Configure access control settings and registrant rules based on program requirements

  • Utilize the provided views for managing group memberships efficiently.

Source code



  • Ensure that all module dependencies are installed.

  • Install the "G2P Registry: Membership" module from the Odoo Apps interface.

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