📔Create SMS Notification Manager


This guide will provide the steps to create an SMS Notification Manager.


The user should have a Program Administrator role assigned.


  1. Navigate to Programs using the menu bar.

  1. Click on Configuration and then on SMS Notification Manager.

  1. Click the Create button to view the SMS Notification Manager creation page.

  1. Enter Name and Program in the SMS Notification Managers view.

  1. The view allows the configuration of a template for each of these event types:

  • On Enrolled In Program Template

  • On Cycle Started Template

  • On Cycle Ended Template

  • On Otp Send Template

  • On Generate Voucher Template

There are two ways to configure a template for an event:

a. Use an existing template: Go to step#6

b. Create a new template: Go to step#7

  1. Click on the dropdown button and select the template from the drop-down list. Go to step#9.

  1. Enter a name for the new template. When a non-existing template name is entered, the option Create and Edit appears. Click on this option_._

  1. A new dialogue box appears. Enter the details and click on Save.

  • SMS Template: Name of the template

  • Applies to: Applicable context; For example, the option Contact sends the OTP to the beneficiary contact number

  • Language: Language for the content

  • Content: Content written using the Odoo platform's QWeb templating engine

  1. Click on Save.

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